- Menu -

- Menu -

Spanish potato salad with tuna belly, pickles and black olive powder           9,60 €
Caesar salad with crunchy chicken and parmesan shavings           12,90€
Burrata with sundried tomato and anchovy tapenade           13,20€
Patatas Bravas -Spicy potatoes-  VEGGIE           7,80 €
Portolito Potatoes
(Roquefort creamy, caramelised onion and crispy bacon)
Roasted provolone cheese with tomato confit and thyme  VEGGIE           9,40€
Croquettes with roast chicken and red curry (4 pieces)           8,40€
Croquettes with spinach, goat cheese, tomato and onion jam   VEGGIE           8,40€
Nachos with guacamole, sour cream and Mexican salad  VEGGIE           8,80€
Iberian cured ham cut by knife with grated tomato          23,00€
Taco with duck pibil (2 pieces)            10,20€ 
Tuna tartar with wakame seaweed and cashew nuts        14,50€
Chicken karaage with spicy mayonnaise        12,80€
Rash-el-hanout chickpea hummus with pita bread  VEGGIE        8,20€
Padrón Green peppers  VEGGIE        7,40€
*BREAD SERVICE*        1,80€


Coca with California pastrami, confit tomato, rocket and chipotle emulsion           11,80€
Coca with Iberian pork, confit onion, green peppers and creamy pesto sauce           11,50€
Coca with seasonal vegetables and creamy gorgonzola sauce  VEGGIE           11,50€


Street fish and chips with tartar sauce (cod)           14,50 €

Stone-grilled beef tenderloin 300gr. aprox. with potatos and Padrón Green peppers

-with volcanic stone on the table-

*AVAILABLE FROM 07:00 PM to 11:00PM*



Apple tatin cake with vanila ice cream           6,50 €
Double chocolate cake with dulce de leche           6,50 €
CheeseCake with red fruit stew           6,50 €


Battered chicken with fried potatoes or Macaroni with tomato and grated cheese

Drink and dessert