- Lunch Menu -

- Lunch Menu -

To share

Portolito cube «bravas» (spicy potatoes) VEGGIE           9,80€
Iberian ham croquettes (4 units)           11,20€
Spanish potato  salad with tuna belly, black olive powder and prawn bread           10,80€
Shrimp carpaccio with wild strawberries, watercress and tamarind vinaigrette           12,50€
Cut-by-knife Iberian ham with toast and grated tomato           23,50€
Crispy duck with apple, foie and onion           5,50€
Nachos with guacamole, sour cream and Mexican salad VEGGIE          9,00€
Semi-cured red tuna with kewpie mayonnaise           12,80€


Portolito Burger: 200gr of beef, cured bacon, tomato, sautéed onion, mézclum, gherkin, creamy egg yolk and cured cheese        13,90€
Entrecote of Argentinian beef with potatoes and green peppers (350 gr.)        23,50€

Vegetarian dishes

Veggie Burger with sautéed onion, tomato, gherkin and mézclum VEGGIE           13,50€
Fresh pasta with wild mushrooms, creamy red pesto, cashew nuts and cured manchego VEGGIE           12,50€

Rices and fudeuàs

Rice in a thick broth… Of the day*  -min. 2 pax-   Ask our staff
Fideuá… Of the day* -min. 2 pax-   Ask our staff
Oven-baked rice with Seafood «Senyoret». Rice with shelled crustaceans and fish flesh 
Oven-baked rice with duck, boletus and foie
Oven-baked rice with nuts, chickpeas and spinach   VEEGIE

Something sweet

Homemade desserts of the day* Ask our staff


  3  STARTERS  to share

Green salad with creamy burrata, cherry confit, cashew nut and berries vinaigrette  -Vegetarian dish-

Soft pumpkin  cream and ras el hanout croutons  -Vegetarian dish-

Eggplant, goat cheese and sundried tomato saltimbocca  -Vegetarian dish-

MAIN COURSES to choose

 Fideuá with pork tenderloin, sobrasada and Enoki mushrooms  -min. 2pax-

Rice in a thick broth with seafood and clams  -min. 2pax-

Oven-baked rice with onioned tofu, chickpeas and kale  -Vegetarian dish-

Chicken Cordon Bleu with celeri and black trumpet mushrooms with potatoes Provençal style

Mini-burgers of red tuna with wok vegetable chop suey

Bolognese cannelloni with parmesan and basil béchamel sauce

Argentine beef entrecote  -Suppl. 7€-

DESSERT to choose

Chocolate and hazelnut cake with strawberry stew

Creamy cappuccino and “fartons”

Vanilla-flavoured custard, whipped cream and cinnamon tiles

Seasonal fruit salad

PRICE 14,90€

*Drinks not included.


 – One to choose –

SEASONAL DISH.  Selection of cultivated mushrooms with creamy yolk and veil of guanciale  -Vegetarian option-

Shrimp carpaccio with wild strawberries, watercress and tamarind vinaigrette

Spanish potato salad with tuna belly, tobiko roe and prawn bread

Portolito “Bravas” Spicy potatoes cube    Vegetarian dish-

Nigiri croquettes with Iberian ham  (4 units)

Tuna tartare with ponzu, guacamole, sriracha cream and cashew nuts

Crispy roasted pumpkin fingers with marinated tofu, sunflower seeds and yakiniku sauce  -Vegetarian dish-

Burrata with tomato and quince tartare, oil caviar and Katsuobushi  -Vegetarian option-, with wakame seaweed

Main courses

Fideuá with baby squid, scallop and sea asparagus  – min. 2 pax –

Rice in a thick broth with free-range chicken, artichokes and snow peas  – min. 2 pax –

Oven-baked rice with red tuna and artichokes

Cod confit with garlic sauce mousseline and ratatouille

Beef cheek ingot with Rioja, parmentier and cassava chips

Tagliatelle with boletus carbonara, truffle and cured cheese  -Vegetarian dish-

Argentine beef entrecot  -supl. €7-


Apple mille-feuille with meringue foam

Baileys foam chocolate coulant

Crème Brûlée with pumpkin, vanilla and caramelised

Seasonal fruit salad with mandarin sorbet


PRICE 23,50€

*Drinks not included.

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